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a Space for Ocean lovers, Adventure seekers, and travel fanatics, where we believe in living life to the fullest and seizing each and every day…  Work hard but Play harder right?!

I’ve hand-picked a few of my favourite items to share with you, creating a platform that’s authentic in promoting a way of life that encourages fun, excitement, and a splash of adrenaline.  See our range of Kites, Surfboards, Skateboards, Yoga, Art, CBD, Travel packages and so much more.  There is a toy for every occasion or a trip for every season.

If you feel your brand is a good fit for this collection get involved and get in touch or send us a WhatsApp message.

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Kingfisher Mentawai Resort - Mentawais Islands - Indonesia

7 NIGHT PACKAGE - FROM R19745 per person sharing Includes: Max 9 Guests Exceptional Food Chill Out In Style Lances Left Out Front Fast Speed Boat To Access Numerous Other Breaks A dozen waves.
R 19745 incl tax


For the rider who wants a constant steady pull and no surprises. The no nonsense kite that is easy to get up and ride upwind or down the line wave riding. The Omega is the ultimate kite for riders who want pain free progression and a constant stable bar pressure that always lets you know where the kite is.
R 9374 incl tax
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